May 5, 2008

BenQ Announces C36 Music Phone

BenQ has unveiled its latest music phone, the C36. With the lines between MP3 players and phones blurring, the variety of music phones seem to be on the rise. With BenQ’s latest C36, users get dedicated music buttons to make the music experience an exciting one, not least with the stereo speakers at the back of the phone. Throw in FM radio, and the ability to record the radio directly on the phone, and it’s quite an interesting music phone.

Aside from the usual music applications, BenQ has generously included software not necessarily related to music, such as a health management application, an e-book reader, as well as the ability for the phone to function as a webcam using it’s 1.3 megapixel camera when connected to a computer. Not to mention the necessity for most phones nowadays, which is accepting microSD cards as expansion, allowing people to add memory cards to suit to bring their music library along with them.

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