Apr 23, 2008

iPhone tip for travelers - Tripit, don’t leave home without it

Travelers, listen up, if you own an iPhone or iPod touch and do any kind of traveling whatsoever, you absolutely need to use Tripit. This must-have travel tool is free, and now that it’s optimized for mobile users there is no excuse not to at least give it a try. Tripit is one of those rare tools that is so easy to use that it’s almost transparent when setting up your travel plans, but then it delivers an incredibly valuable view of your itinerary that you will come to depend on during your entire trip. Your Tripit itinerary is a lot more like a personlized travel guide than just a list of what-where-when for your trip. Tripit offers advice and tips for you based on your location and plans, like nearby restaurants, events, and attractions. And Tripit’s new mobile site also supports its “Closeness” feature which is a location-based alert system to let you know when your travel plans overlap with your friends plans. This adds a social networking aspect to a service that was already great to begin with. Read on and learn how to start using Tripit to plan your next trip.

Getting your travel information into Tripit could not be any easier, short of having your own personal travel agent. Any time you get an email confirmation for any of your travel plans (airline, train, bus, car, hotel, etc.) you simply forward those emails to “plans@tripit.com”. Tripit then scans each confirmation email and consolidates them into a single itinerary, then adds helpful information based on your schedule and location. You’ll find Google Maps and driving directions automatically added along with local weather, pictures (from Flickr), city information (via Wikipedia), current events (from Eventful), and restaurant reviews and recommendations (via OpenTable). And if you are flying, Tripit will even offer you seat advice (courtesy of SeatGuru).

Once Tripit has your itinerary ready, you can access it, change it, or even customize it anytime from the desktop or mobile web, including iPhone and iPod touch. You can also print your itinerary and take it with you, share it with others, or sync it to your personal calendar. Your itinerary is always secure and confidential. Here is a sample itinerary you can look at so you can see what’s in store for you at Tripit. We know you’ll agree that Tripit is fantastic, addictive, and a wonderful way to plan your travel whether it’s for business or pleasure. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

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