Apr 23, 2008

Snapture focuses on great iPhone photography

We know, we know… the words “great” and “iPhone photography” really don’t belong in the same title, but this new, free utility from Snapture actually does help you take better pictures with your iPhone. Snapture contains several tweaks that improve the photo-taking experience on the iPhone. Some of the features are so obvious you have to wonder how Apple overlooked them to begin with. Snapture is a free download, but it does require a jailbroken iPhone. You can find it in the Installer.app under Utilities. Snapture is one of those “a taste of what’s to come” native apps that hint at some of the great iPhone applications that will be available in the Apple App Store this June. Read on to find out more about Snapture’s handy features for the iPhone camera.

One of the most annoying things about the iPhone camera is that little button you need to tap in order to take a picture. Snapture turns your entire touchscreen into the picture button making it easier to take pictures, especially self portraits. You can even use the volume button to take pictures. Snapture also includes a 3x digital zoom feature that lets you zoom in or out using the slider.

The iPhone’s slim form factor makes it difficult to hold steady when taking pictures, but Snapture’s multi-shot mode helps with this. When this feature is enabled, your iPhone will snap 3 frames in a row so you have a better chance of capturing a good shot. There’s also a delay timer that allows you to delay the snapshot for 5 seconds to let you join in group shots. You can also capture images in multiple sizes. Snapture lets you take photos in three different sizes: Large (1600×1200), Medium (1280×960) and Small (960×720).

One of the “features” Apple built into the camera app that comes with the iPhone is auto-rotation. This means you can’t take a picture upside down or at weird angles because the iPhone will always rotate your image for you. With Snapture you can disable auto-rotation and take pictures at any angle. And the level guide provides a visual aid for taking pictures at odd angles.

Snapture also includes some other handy features like a color mode so you can take photos in color or grey scale. There’s also a quiet mode that turns off the camera sound effects so you don’t disturb the people around you. You can also remove clutter from the view finder screen by collapsing Snapture’s menu.

Snapture is a great addition to the iPhone that makes picture taking a much more rewarding experience. We wouldn’t be surprised of some, if not all, of Snapture’s features make it into future versions of Apples camera app. But if not, you can always download this free utility from Snapture. If you like Snapture, don’t forget to donate to the creators so they can continue to make great software for the iPhone. They take donations via PayPal on the Snapture site.

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