Apr 23, 2008

Playboy delivers the bunnies to the iPhone in classic Playboy style

Here at Touchtip, we truly appreciate beauty, like the sexy design of the iPhone, or the female form. Playboy magazine, the procurer of lovely airbrushed women, has been delivering the goods to us for over 50 years, starting with print, then on the web. And now Hef, never content to be late to the party because he is the party, brings his bunnies to the iPhone and iPod touch. Gone are the two-creased centerfolds and in their place are digital images of Playboy girls for your pinching pleasure on your touch screen interface. Playboy’s new iPhone-optimized web experience contains some interactive features that’ll keep your sweaty fingers tapping well into the night. Read on to find out what Hef and company have in store for you, including a link to download some tasty wallpapers for your iPhone and iPod touch.

Playboy for the iPhone is only slightly like the magazine. Yes, there are scantily-clad women that are unfortunately, scantily-clad. That’s right, no nudes, at least for now. There is a Battle of the Sexiest feature asks you to look at two celebrity hotties and vote for the sexiest. For those of you who love Playboy for the articles (wink wink) there’s also Playboy Scout, a feature that delivers lifestyle news for the distinguished male interested in libations, gadgets, and women, and not necessarily in that order. There’s also a nightlife guide, On the Scene, which sounds like a great feature but doesn’t currently have much content. Who wouldn’t love nightlife suggestions from the party-all-night experts themselves? You’ll also find a link to Playboy Radio, where you can listen to an audio version of the magazine, discussions with playmates, game shows, and a talk show hosted by Hugh’s girlfriend and her dog (ahem, no, not her cat).

And then there’s our favorite feature, Ask Hugh, where our favorite robe-wearing, viagra-poppin’, swinging bachelor offers nuggets of wisdom we can all live by. Hugh sheds light on some dicey subjects like the difference between a Bunny, a Playmate, a Centerfold, and a gatefold. He also waxes on about politics (a woman in the White House?), spirituality, ghosts, plastic surgery, and the difference between sex and making love (wait, there’s a difference?). If you want to find out the answers to these questions, or why Hugh doesn’t date women his own age (isn’t that obvious?), then go visit Playboy’s newest offering for the iPhone and iPod touch now.

Playboy on the iPhone and iPod touch

Playboy wallpapers for iPhone and iPod touch
Download now

Instructions for installing the wallpapers

  1. Double-click the downloaded zip file to decompress it.
  2. To import the photos into your iPhone, connect the iPhone, go to iTunes and select your iPhone under Devices in the left column. Then click the Photos tab, check “Synch photos from” and select the iPlayboy Wallpapers or Album folder.
  3. To import the Playboy Radio mp3 and the Playboy Video clip, simply drag them onto your iPhone in the iTunes window.

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