Mar 3, 2008

Mystery Nokia Phone RM-324 With US 3G Appears on FCC

I found an unknown Nokia phone with the code RM-324 on the FCC today that supports US 3G. Due to confidentiality, we can only see an outline of the phone (what a tease). The FCC documents revealed that the phone will work on GSM 850/1900, EDGE, and WCDMA 850/1900. Translation: compatible with 3G internet on USA AT&T.

Nokia RM 324
Nokia RM-324 looks like a candybar.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the only Nokia Nseries phone that currently works with AT&T 3G are the Nokia N75 and the Nokia N95 NAM. Having another phone working with US 3G means more options. The iPhone with US 3G is releasing by mid-year.

Nokia Phone code RM-324 frequencies

Nokia N78 is planned to release supporting US 3G, but the outline of this mystery phone does not match the shape of the Nokia N78. The FCC says the external photos for RM-324 will be available in 45 days. We’ll have to wait and see what this mystery phone really looks like.

Nokia N78
The outline of Nokia N78 does not match Nokia Phone Code RM-324

ou can read the all confusing documents about the RM-324 on the FCC website.

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