Mar 9, 2008

N-Gage II. First impressions

Mobile-review have posted an article about Nokia's Ngage 2 platform. Here is thge final impression.

The new gaming platform can make your eyes round – everything is smooth, convenient, and with a great wow-factor to it. On the face of it, they have finally solved the problems of the previous gaming-minded phone – they offered consumers to pick any smartphone they like, without having to dump some functionality or focus they would like to have on their devices in favor of the gaming department. I suppose one of Nokia’s impending devices will come armed with a dedicated array of keys for gaming purposes, probably Navi Wheel (found in the Nokia N81) will get N-Gaged (pun intended) as well. As for those bugs and glitches we ran into, these are more due to us using an official version of the installer, that’s why we will definitely update this piece as soon as the installer for the N93 is released into the wild.

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