May 15, 2009

WMAPlus - Free MP3, Ogg, AAc and WMA Player For Mobile

WMAPlus is one of the very first media players developed for the Symbian OS which had the ability to handle Windows Media Audio music files. The thing about this application that has attracted many users across the world is that it available for free and another thing is that not only it supports the WMA format but all the other major formats such as MP3, Ogg, AAC and WMA.Most of the people simply transfer the mp3 files directly into their phone memory cards but they don’t know that WMA and ogg formats have the same clarity but they occupy half the size of the mp3 files. Most people don’t know this because WMA is not supported by default but with this application called WMAPlus you can save quite a lot of your memory card space and fill in more of your favorite songs without having to compromise with the sound clarity.The working of the application is quite similar to the other media players, so there is not much to explain about the key functions of the application. The first thing you should do is to scan your memory card for all the compatible files and list them in the music library of WMAPlus. You can also browse through the library of the basis of album, artist, playlist or folder. As far as the playback is concerned, it is quite clear and uninterrupted. Moreover even if you run the application in background and keep doing some other work, the playback is still seamless.

I could also spot some niggles such as when WMAPlus stuck; the Symbian OS just could not handle it and has to be restarted. Moreover the voice boost feature worked initially but in between it stopped working also if you bring up the screen that shows the properties of the song, it would only show zeros everywhere.Download WMAPlus

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