May 12, 2009

Samsung Houdini - T-Mobile’s third Android phone?

A phone named after the great Harry Houdini has to be a cool one, right? Add a touch of Android, plus Samsung’s know-how, and you probably have a real winner there.

What am I talking about? Well, it looks like T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch a so-called Samsung Houdini later this year.

The handset is part of T-Mo’s Android line-up, and, according to a document found at CellPhoneSignal, it will be released sometime in the fall, several months after the G2 / Magic / MyTouch 3G.

Details about the Samsung Houdini are scarce for the moment, but the handset looks somewhat similar to the Samsung i7500 – so it might be its US edition.

The above-seen document also unveils the possible contract price of MyTouch 3G: $179 – just like the current price of T-Mobile G1 (which, by the way, will be sold for only $149 starting… this month?).

All in all, good news for T-Mobile’s subscribers in the US. Source...

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