Oct 13, 2008

Samsung T919 coming to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is finally launching the Samsung T919, the first ALL-touchscreen phone from T-Mobile. Rumors about this handset have been around ever since mid August, but all details on it were a bit blurry, to say the leas. Apparently called the “Behold” rather than the “Tocco”, this camera phone will be hitting T-Mobile on November 10.
The Samsung T919 Behold has a similar form factor as the LG Renoir, boasting a large touchscreen display and a camera mounted on the back. There’s a five megapixel camera there, but we’re not sure if you get autofocus and face recognition. There is also a secondary camera on the front for video calls, streaming video support, GPS with voice commands, a capacitive touchscreen, microSDHC slot, and a brushed aluminum back.
Sources cited by TmoNews claim that Samsung T919 is expected to be launched in November, on the 10th of the month to be more precise, and that it will have a price of $149. This means that the waiting will not be too long but, with the G1 being launched on October 22, T919 should pack some breathtaking goodies under the hood, since the price difference is not that big either – the G1 will be priced at $179 with a 2-year agreement. Source...

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