Oct 10, 2008

iPhone 2.2 firmware hidden features

While Apple has not yet announced when the recently seeded (to developers) iPhone 2.2 firmware beta will be released to end users, the said firmware version has some pretty interesting featured buried within it.

At least three new features were found buried in the new iPhone 2.2 firmware beta, including Google Maps Street View and a text auto-correction ON/OFF switch.

The built-in Maps application in iPhone 2.2 apparently includes the recently showcased Street View feature on the Android T-Mobile G1. In Street View mode, users can see street level photos of select cities within the Maps application.

A newly added text auto-correction ON/OFF switch was also found hidden in the iPhone 2.2 beta firmware, allowing users to toggle the iPhone’s keyboard auto-correction, uh, on or off. This has been one of the most-demanded features on the iPhone ever since users outside of the U.S. realized how painful it is to bear with the keyboard as it changed each and every typewritten word into one in the English language.

Finally, support for Japanese emoji icons is another new feature in iPhone 2.2, and it is said that it will help in the slow iPhone adoption in Japan.

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