Sep 17, 2008

Yahoo! Blueprint

Yahoo Blueprint is a "framework" that allows you to create websites or adapted to mobile applications for Java phones, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Based on XML and XForms, including services or location maps, as well as with the elements that create a pleasant user interface and intuitive.

Through the SDK Blueprint is possible to create the outline of a Web site or service in our own server. Using a "runtime", connections to our website "blueprint" pass through Yahoo to provide the user with content tailored to their mobile phone. With the "runtime" for applications can be created comprehensive programmes and distribute them freely. Right now, "runtime for mobile apps" is currently in "preview" and generates applications for a large number of mobile Java, being planned at a future incorporation of Symbian, Windows Mobile and perhaps the iPhone. Blueprint is partly an evolution of Yahoo Go! Also serves to create widgets for this utility that brings together the services of known search engine.

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