Sep 17, 2008

uTrack, GPS tracking or Google Gears

uTrack is a free program for non-commercial use that sends our situation to any site it may operate. Its main function is to publish the GPS on a web page for others to locate us. Over the past few days, uTrack can also be used in devices without GPS, by location-based antennas telephony Google Gears.

The software is compatible with terminals under Windows Mobile 5 and 6, needing to connect to the Internet to send information from our position. By sending a simple HTTP GET can be obtained longitude, latitude, date, time and identification device, so it's very easy to create different services based on uTrack. You can set the schedule for shipments of position or disabling if we are outside the country.

uTrack is another of the countless programs based on location, but has the virtue of being extremely simple, free, and we can use it even without GPS.

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