Sep 26, 2008

What's the Release date of Windows Mobile 7 ?

Bad news for all who anticipated the release of Windows Mobile 7. First they said it will arrive early of 2009 but now they have officially announced that their release date would be delayed. Why? We can not answer that but many speculations arise that they still want to develop it some more to compete with the Google Android.
The Windows Mobile 7 is said to focus on touchscreen and motion gesture so it could compete with the iPhone but with the latest addition to their competitors, guess they would need to reinvent something spectacular so they'd get the most votes so to speak.
So, when can we expect the Windows Mobile 7 to be released? Microsoft said that they will move its release by either on the middle or end of next year. That will definitely hurt Microsoft especially because many people were anticipating to see what Microsoft got to offer in the "now" more highly competitive business.
Surely they have thought about this and instead of forcing to stick with their planned release date, they decided to sacrifice that and get a beating perhaps because they want to blow us away with their latest version of Windows Mobile. Who knows really. Perhaps they made the right choice to keep us waiting and amaze us with the latest version rather than sticking with the schedule and disappoint everyone. SOurce...

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