Sep 13, 2008

Upcoming Sony Ericsson W707 Alicia fresh photos

You know, it’s kind of disappointing how Sony Ericsson seems to be completely ignoring its Walkman phone line in favor of more megapixel-packed and wireless capability-having feature phones. Just look at the recently announced Sony Ericsson G705.

But the Walkman is part of Sony’s legacy, and Sony Ericsson must not continue to neglect this side of their business for longer, if only to keep the brand relevant.

Which is why, seeing as how the recently axed Sony Ericsson W707 Alicia is looking mighty fine in these in the wild photos, SE should take a minute to consider releasing this product, if only just because.

Since it’s a clamshell phone, a lot of people should be familiar with how it works. The outer flap also offers a new design, with two screens, one for dedicated music controls and the other for relevant info about the phone (battery life, time, silent mode, etc.).

But alas, it doesn’t look like Sony Ericsson will retract and launch this device to the public any time soon. Though, you know, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Source...

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