Sep 25, 2008

Sony Ericsson Wrist watch

Nothing bugs us more than something distracting our make-up session. Well at that point, don’t we all just wish that the phone should fly and reach our hand immediately? But now, we have got a simple solution to our problem. We can see who is calling by just simply glancing at the dial of our watch and act accordingly either accept or reject by pressing a button on our watch.

Being a chick, I know what it feels like whenever I get a new watch. But these days nothing can woo your lady love more than a sexy Bluetooth watch. Sony Ericsson and Fossil have collaborated yet again, but this time for the fairer sex. The Sony Ericsson MBW200 pairs with your Sony Ericsson phone via Bluetooth so that you can see who is calling you up by simply looking at your watch. Also, you will get SMS alerts on your watch.

This Fossil MBW watch also works as music player remote. So whenever you feel lazy to reach your phone which is hidden somewhere in deepest corner of your hand bag, you can change the track by simply pressing one button.

The watch comes in three exquisite designs –
The Sparkling Allure Edition adds up to your dazzle with its unique Crystal décor stones on the display.
The Contemporary Elegance Edition is somewhat suitable for professionals with its sophisticated design and elegance, of course!
The Evening Classic Edition comes with stylish leather strap and discreet black dial which can be worn in any environment thus making it suitable for wearing the watch casually anytime and anywhere. Source...

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