Sep 10, 2008

Samsung Omnia official Firmware Leaked

Modaco is reporting that Samsung has released an official ROM update which bears the number DXHH1 for their Omnia. The bad news is that it’s only officially available from Samsung Service Centre’s, whilst the good news is that the ROM has been leaked and can be found online. Updating your Omnia will give have updated the PDA version number to i900DXHH1/DXHH1, while the phone will have the version number i900DXHH1. Some of the improvements supposedly include:
More haptic feedback, including for the XT9 keyboard (the last update removed this)
New Today widgets
More screen rotation animations
Updated core OS and application versions
‘Connected Home’ DLNA server
Updated Opera Mobile (build 1957)
Reduced memory usage
Better battery life

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