Sep 2, 2008

Price & Release date for HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro leaked

Wow, Sprint info is leaking all over the Internet this weekend! Now we’ve gotten a sneak peek at the Sprint roadmap for the next couple of months and it has mostly confirmed what we suspected already, but now we have some solid release dates for two anticipated HTC products.
So far, we’ve learned that the HTC Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro would be coming to Sprint, but now we know that the former will hit the carrier in mid-September and the latter will be released on October 19th.

The document also reveals pricing. The HTC Touch Diamond will cost $549.99 and the Touch Pro will cost $579.99. Now, no one knows where this document came from, exactly, and it could totally be a fake. That being said, this info falls right into line with the rumors that have been circulating regarding these two handsets. Source...

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