Sep 12, 2008

Price of Nokia N96 in India

Nokia today announced the availability of the N96 in India. The Finnish giant has provided its flagship N-series device with an aggressive price tag of Rs 34,999 (approximately Euro 550), which comes close to Vodafone's price for the 16 GB Apple iPhone 3G of Rs 34,580 and beats Airtel's tag of Rs 36,100!

But what's rather interesting is the fact that according to Nokia's initial announcement on September 3, the N96 would be priced at Euro 550 before taxes and subsidies. Considering that there are no carrier driven-subsidies in India but a four percent import duty on cellphones, the price should have been Euro 572. So there is hardly any doubt that Nokia has priced the phone agressively, keeping in mind the prices of the iPhone 3G 16 GB on both the carriers.

So what's the big deal, you ask? Remember this is the same company that had issued a statement last week saying it won't participate in agressive pricing and is expecting to lose some market share in the process? Like we said last week, it would be difficult for Nokia to not to pursue agressive pricing and will have to give way for products like the N96. But the good thing over here is that the consumer is the winner, period. Source...

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