Sep 12, 2008

MySpace to work on a deicated App for Blackberry

Today, MySpace announced a global partnership with Research in Motion (RIM), makers of Blackberry smartphones. The two companies have come together to create a new version of the MySpace Mobile application designed specifically for Blackberry devices. MySpace Mobile, which officially launched in March of this year, lets users interact with messages, comments, and friend requests from any handset with a web browser by visiting However, the Blackberry version of MySpace Mobile will not be a mobile site, but a downloadable app that integrates MySpace with the Blackberry to provide push-based messaging to users.

MySpace Mobile For Blackberry
Now that the iPhone has a MySpace app, the company felt it was time to deliver a version to Blackberry users, too. The new app will feature a full messaging interface (comments, bulletins, and messages), status and mood updates, the ability to interact with friend requests, camera integration and integrated photo management, the ability to view and comment on friends albums and photos, and notification of new MySpace events.

This app is very much like the Facebook app for Blackberry, which was announced back in late 2007. Now, almost a year later, a MySpace version is planned. Why the holdup?

It's possible that RIM didn't feel that Blackberry users were interested in having a MySpace application, as that network tends to skew younger and is not used for business networking in the same way that Facebook is. Yet with the arrival of the Apple iPhone, RIM may be concerned about loss of market share. This new app may represent how RIM is trying to hold onto those customers who want more social networking tools and apps available on their Blackberry devices.

This potential loss of userbase must be especially concerning to them since the iPhone now integrates with Microsoft Exchange, the email system used by businesses all over the world. That integration means that I.T. departments are now able to support iPhones if they so desire, breaking down one of the final barriers to getting iPhones in the enterprise.

Blackberry Hub
In addition to today's announcement about the MySpace Mobile Blackberry app, RIM also announced the creation of a new hub on MySpace for information about the company's products. The Blackberry Hub features product demos, contests, how-to video guides, a marketplace of apps, and downloadable wallpapers and skins. When browsing through the MySpace Blackberry app section, clicking any link for an app will redirect you to RIM's web site, where you can download the app for your phone.

Users can also sign up here on the hub to be notified when the MySpace Mobile app becomes available for download. Source...

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