Sep 12, 2008

Nokia N85 gets a Hands On review - Video

The Nokia N85 does everything the Nokia N95 could do, but it's a much thinner, more stylish phone, more in the vein of recent high-end Nokia Nseries devices, like the Nokia N96. While Nokia's multimedia smartphones have always boasted some of the most crisp, colorful screens on the market, the N85 is something more special, with a 2.6-inch OLED screen. We were impressed by how bright and clean the screen looked, even running the aging Symbian S60 interface. But best of all, the phone seemed fast enough to keep up with some of the graphical flourishes that Nokia has added to the system, including a changing screen orientation tied to the accelerometer.

We liked the dual-slide form factor, especially as the left-hand keypad adapted to the media or gaming functions. But we're not sure Nokia has yet gone far enough in supporting the N-Gage gaming with great controls on an Nseries device. We'd like to see something more innovative than a few specially-labeled buttons, especially since the Nokia N85 has the graphical prowess to run some fairly advanced games smoothly. Release: November 2008. Price: $650.

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