Sep 12, 2008

A close look at Nokia N79 - Hands On video

The most recent Nokia Nseries releases haven't distinguished themselves much in terms of their internal hardware, but they try harder to be unique in terms of style. Thankfully, the words Nokia and "style" are not mutually exclusive these days, as we saw in the Nokia E71. The Nokia N79 borrows some of the new design cues, including a shiny, chrome bumper, and accents the recent pill-shaped Nseries form. The results are very pleasing. So, beyond the multimedia powerhouse capabilities, the Nokia N79 looks great, and retains the scrolling navigation button we liked in the Nokia N78. We also think the interchangeable backplates, with their matching, automatically changing themes, are a fun step for Nokia, demonstrating some whimsy and technical prowess all at once.

Of course we'd love to see some new visual updates to the Nokia Symbian S60 interface, but even for this lower-end Nseries device, Nokia has a system that seems to be running at a nice clip. Plus, the phone gets the fast networking, GPS and Wi-Fi, and especially the high-end camera that makes the Nseries family cool. We even bought into the combined microUSB / microSD slot, an obvious combination that, surprisingly, nobody thought of before Nokia. Release: November 2008. Price: $500.

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