Sep 4, 2008

Latest Sony Ericsson "Kumiko" G705 leaked images

Today we've spotted some pictures of a new Sony Ericsson. Code name; Kumiko, but it's probably going to be called the Sony Ericsson G705.
The source didn't only show us pictures, but also mentioned some characteristics of the device. We can conclude that Sony Ericsson is going to raise its standards for future mid-range devices.

What do you think of GPS and WiFi? Could they become standard specs of future models? This device has got them all. Just like motion sensor and a 3.2 Megapixel camera with a LED flash. Unfortunately no auto focus, but 'only' fixed focus.

Mobile Internet
Assumptions exist that Sony Ericsson is aiming at mobile internet in particular. Although, despite the fact that it is unknown whether the G705 has 3G capabilities. Reason for this is the fact that the device has the same internet-shortcuts as the K660i. Therefore, the G705 can be called the slider version of this device. Check MC later for price and release date. Source...

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