Sep 2, 2008

How to Disable Kill Switch of App Store ?

This latest iPhone trick deals with the dreaded App Store Kill Switch. Of course for lots of people this may or not be an issue, but at least for some and a group that comes to mind would be those who paid for and downloaded the NetShare app, it could be a valuable tool.

I will preface this be saying that its a great trick, possible even better for those that are a little paranoid (myself included) but it does require your iPhone to be jailbroken in order to work.

So, assuming you have a jailbroken iPhone, or are prepared to jailbreak, just download the latest BossPrefs app located in Cydia. Once the BossPrefs apps is downloaded and installed, just run it and choose the option to “Disable Apple App Killswitch.” This will then save any questionable apps that you may have from an early departure.

Its also important to note that one of the nice parts about using BossPrefs to handle this is that you still have the option to easily turn it back on should you change your mind later. Source...

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