Sep 26, 2008

First games announced for Android

If the announcement of the iPhone SDK, many video game developers announced their intention to offer mobile games for this, the thing with Android will not be too different.

Glu and Namco have been the first to announce the launch of games for Android. In the case of Namco will do so with a traditional title, Pacman, to revive once more in portable platforms.

Glu, in contrast, has announced a completely new title, Bonsai Blast, with reminiscences of Puzzle Bubble and Zuma, which will have to collect colored balls to clear the screen. This game will use both the touch screen as the phone's accelerometer to control its functionality.

This probably is just as the first of a series of announcements of new applications, although many developers will wait first to see the market success of the terminals with Android before placing a bet with force by this platform. Since then Apple has gone well you play, we'll see if Google is able to repeat that success.

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