Sep 17, 2008

Download free S40 Theme Studio for nokia

Now days there are so many phones being launched daily and most of them look approximately the same and just to make your phone different from others, a little innovation and customization is never harmful. So put your thought thinking cap on and give your phone the feel you want. The software is easily available for free and provides a repertoire of customization tools.
With this application you can create, edit the appearance of the themes, icons, wallpapers, animations etc. You can also change the sounds, colour schemes, ringtones and even the operator logo. In simple words you can change the every possible user interface components the way you want. Once you are satisfied with your creation you can also see it very clearly in the preview window and name it, then send it your phone via Bluetooth, usb or infrared.
In this official nokia software the user interface is partitioned into 2 sides. On one side you can see the theme you want to edit and on the other side you can see the changes that you make to your theme. The extent to which you can customize your theme is only determined by your innovation. Unlike the series 60 theme studious which is very complex, this tool is slightly less complex.
However the program is available in many languages but in none of the languages adequate installation instructions are provided. So it will take time for you to understand it and if you desperately want to make your own thing then you need to remember one thing, patience is a virtue as it will take quite some time to make a theme. What this application really lacks is the drag and drop functionality which is a must in every developer tool. We can just hope that the software was easier and more user friendly.

Download Series 40 theme studio for nokia

Supported Phones are:
Nokia 3510i, Nokia 6010,Nokia 6021,Nokia 6111,Nokia 6131,Nokia 6170,Nokia 6200,Nokia 6220,Nokia 6225,Nokia 6230,Nokia 6230i,Nokia 6233,Nokia 6260,Nokia 6280,Nokia 6310i,Nokia 6650 Source...

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