Sep 17, 2008

Download cool Nokia N95 3D Accelerometer Games & Apps

Nokia N95 unique from other Smart Phones is that it comes pre-configured with the Accelerometer Motion Sensor (a feature initially kept hidden by Nokia). Now after the API is opened to the public, many developers are trying to create cool applications. You can find some of them below.
But to run these App and Games First you have to Install Nokia N95 Accelerometer Plugin Package

Here are the List of Games and Apps:

Ball Game

Nokia 95 DJ

Rock and Scroll



Activity Monitor by NRC (Download)

MovingBall by NRC (Download) (Video View)

Inclinometer by symbianyucca (Download) (Video View)

Lightsabre by Graham Oldfield (Download) (Video View)

Wattery screensaver by Psiloc (Download)

Groove Labyrinth by Bitside (Download)

Accelerinvaders by Luis Valente (Download) (Video View)

gBoarder by Stefan Damm and Benjamin Gmeiner (Download) (Video View)

CarMeter by Alexander Erifiu, Grammer Mario and Martin Legath (Download)

ShakerRacer by Andreas Jakl, Stephan Selinger (Download) (Video View)

xyz2NXT : control a LEGO NXT robot car with your phone. by Goodan (Download) (Video View)

BallGame in JAVA by BjoernQ (Download) (Video View)

emTube by Sebastian Jedruszkiewicz (Download)

Channels Media Service by Nokia beta labs (Download( (Video View)

Glogger by Glogger (Download)

FlipSilent by Tong Reng (Download) (Video View)

pyPiwo by Ariek (Download) (Video View)

pyRybka by Ariek (Download) (Video View)

NiiMe : Mouse Control with N95 by A2JSoft (Alcyone) (Download) (Video View)


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