Aug 22, 2008

GSMA: Mobile broadband to hit 100Mbps actual speeds before landlines

Since when did wireless data speeds leap-frog over fixed-line broadband speeds? Apparently since the GSMA started taking notes on the various 4G LTE test currently underway around the globe. “Tests show LTE can produce speeds up to 186 Mbps,” said GSMA director of technology GSMA announces 100Mbps LTE by 2010Dan Warren, but only in the most ideal of conditions (read: not in real life).

Taking the results of recent tests, the GSM Association has announced that it expects to see actual, real-world data speeds of 100Mbps by 2010 in Japan and South Korea, with Europe getting 100Mbps wireless data speeds by 2012.

Unfortunately, the US wireless ecosystem is mired in so much carrier bureaucracy that we aren’t likely to see 100Mbps LTE networks until after Europe. In other words, move to Asia or Europe if you want wireless broadband speeds that surpass wireline services before 2013. Source...

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