Aug 22, 2008

Fix for iPhone third-party application crashes and problems

What good is a new iPhone OS update if you can’t make use of most of the installed applications on your iPhone or iPhone 3G? Not much good.

The iPhone 2.0.2 OS update has been reported to be causing application-related headaches for some iPhone users. The iPhone app-problems range from third-party applications simply not starting up to applications starting up and immediately crashing out. In either case, the iPhone application problem is bound to be annoying for some users.

Incidentally, it seems that too many third-party iPhone applications on your iPhone can cause many of the applications to start going wonky.

Here are a couple potential ways to fix your iPhone application woes after updating your iPhone or iPhone 3G to iPhone 2.0.2 OS:

* Delete as many third-party iPhone application as you can bear to part with. If you can get your homescreen down to 3-pages worth of applications, you’ll likely start to see a huge improvement in iPhone application performance. Hopefully, deleting all but a couple dozen iPhone applications will fix application crash and non-start problems.
* If that doesn’t work, re-install all your iPhone applications (it would be wise to only re-install up to 3 pages of apps). To do this:

1. Turn on your iPhone and navigate to Settings > General > Reset and hit the “Erase All Content and Settings” button.
2. Delete all iPhone applications through iTunes (fire up iTunes, hit the “Applications” category on the left-hand navigation bar, and delete all apps).
3. Deselect any music, video, and pictures for synchronization (we want to remove all music and video from the iPhone)
4. Connect iPhone to computer and sync iPhone
5. Re-install those iPhone applications (again, try to keep it under 3 pages worth)
6. Sync your music and other media. Source...

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