Aug 31, 2008

Roger's to introduce Cheap Data Plans

Rogers, who isn’t exactly known for the cheapest data plans, will be extending their $30 for 6GB data plan until the end of September, instead of the original August deadline. Starting from October 1st, Rogers will be launching plans that include $15 for 2MB, $25 for 500MB, $30 for 1GB, $60 for 3GB, and $80 for 8GB plans. Said plans can be applied to smartphones, data cards, tethering, and BlackBerry devices. Some of the additional benefits of the new data plans will be some protection tools, such as the $100 data charge maximum, ensuring that the bill for your data plan won’t exceed $100. While they aren’t the cheapest plans on the planet, it’s still a step in the right direction, and Canadian users should be rather happy to see this. Source...

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