Aug 31, 2008

Motion powered phones are very near

We’ve all been there, finding yourself caught short of enough mobile power is truly this century’s annoyance de rigeur. If M2E Power’s ambitions to make motion powered cellphones becomes a reality however, all you will need to do to get that extra bit of mobile juice is go for a walk around the block.

Here comes the science bit. The charger contains an every day lithium ion battery as well as a series of coils and magnets. When it moves, an electromagnetic field forms around the coils generating electricity. The technology, optimizes that field to match the slow frequency of human motion and draw a usable current.

At the moment the charger prototype only provides about 30 to 60 minutes of call time in exchange for 6 hours of cumulative motion, which to be honest, isn’t particularly impressive. That said, if M2E can get the efficiency in check, they certainly have the green angle covered from a marketing perspective, which is certainly a pretty big driver in the industry at the moment.

We can see it now, bosses sending their underlings on a run around the block to charge their depleted Blackberrys. Source...

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