May 8, 2008

Sidekick Gekko / Aspen Revealed?

News about mysterious Sidekicks around the internet has been solved (partially). The image seems to be revealed, though official specifications are still unreleased. It isn’t even confirmed if it will have 3G as some sources have speculated.

From the available images, it seems that it will look quite similar to the Sidekick LX that is available today. It seems like it will be more of a looks update, rather than a serious feature upgrade, as the screen is rumored to be the same Sharp AQUOS LCD screen on the current Sidekick LX, and will have interchangeable casings.

The new sidekick is rumored to be released at the end of July on the T-Mobile network. All these stem from the same source as the original rumor, and nobody else seems to have claimed a release date.

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