May 11, 2008

iPhone games: aMaze

Simiotica has released a new game for the iPhone called aMaze. In it, you guide a small iron ball through a series of mazes to a certain point. Once you reach it, you will progress to another level. The physics engine employs the use of acidometer, so you guide the ball by tilting the device. If you have ever played the original Labyrinth you will understand.

The game features over 70 levels of varying difficulty from very easy to, well truthfully impossible to pass.

“Large multi-touch screen, OpenGL ES and OpenAL support, built-in accelerometers make iPhone most powerful mobile gaming device on the market. We have developed aMaze to meet expectation of the iPhone owners for games with innovative gameplay not yet possible with other devices. While awaiting the launch of the official AppStore, we make it available through the Istaller.App to let iPhone enthusiasts enjoy it as early as possible”, explains Alex Dubov, Simiotica CMO.

To play the game now you will need to have an unlocked iPhone. It will then be available in the latest version of Once app store launches it should be available from there as well.

The game features 10 free levels, and for the other 60 you have to pay $9 USD.

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