May 5, 2008

Asda offers £5 mobile phones

Asda has launched Britain's lowest priced Pay As You Go mobile phone deal selling handsets for a fiver with "no strings attached".

So straightforward is the deal, the supermarket says, that you could walk into an Asda store, buy the phone and walk out with no small print forcing you to buy extra credit.

Over 50,000 handsets, "which are amazingly cheaper than a kids' toy mobile", will be available at Asda stores across the UK.

There's a choice of four handsets with the £5 price tag, Sagem My212x, Sagem My220x, Sagem My150x and Nokia 1112 with PAYG tariffs available from Virgin, T-Mobile and Orange.

Phones will be available in all Asda stores while stocks last.

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