Apr 24, 2008

S60 Smartphone Turned into Drum Machine

Folks who have smartphones running on the S60 operating system have more to rejoice about just before the iPhone takes over the rest of the world. BeatEd is a drum machine application for the S60 platform, featuring a full professional drum sequences/machine. All you need to do is plug in your headphone lead from the handset into an amp and you're good to go, guitar and all. Highlighted features include :-

  • Easy to use beat editor, even easier beat player
  • Change tempo and volume while playing
  • Edit beat on-the-fly while playing
  • 16 bit 16 channel audio mixer
  • Extremely accurate beat timing (1-999 BPM)
  • Real-time VU meters
  • 16 different drum tracks
  • Supports S60 v3.x mobile phones
  • Adjusts to different screen layouts
  • Random volume variance
So far, supported devices are all S60 3rd Edition handsets, but not all of them have been tested with yet.

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