Apr 22, 2008

Alcatel comes with E206a and E227a to the US

Alcatel had mentioned a few months ago that it planned to roll deep with US launches this year — kind of hard to swallow, considering the non-presence they’ve had here for years and the difficulty for a new player to break into the market — but sure enough, here we go with the first volley. Locus Telecom’s prepaid O2 Wireless brand (naw, not that O2) has launched two low-end Alcatel sets two accompany its range of LGs and Motorolas, the E206a candybar and E227a flip.

Both are sans camera or high-speed data of any sort; in fact, they putt along with mere dual-band GSM radios, and in the case of the E206a, a positively miniature 96 x 96 display.

Not exactly a groundbreaking entrance into the market for Alcatel, but an entrance nonetheless. O2 says its service is for “students, seniors, and trendsetters,” so if you’re a trendsetter, go ahead and get your Alcatel on.

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