Mar 8, 2008

Theme Series T703 Flash Drive

As long as you have the A-DATA Theme Series T703 Mickey Flash Drive, you own a flash drive that is both cute and trendy. Mickey Mouse’s small ears contain secrets that cannot be revealed and its body contains a mirror so that you can check your appearance whenever you want. This is a creative design that will satisfy your desire to be on the top of the trend.

The super light and handy Mickey flash drive only weights 15g, and has a gorgeous Mickey hanging ornament. You can either wear it or use it to decorate your cellular phone or bag. No matter how you use it, you will always attract people’s attention. The T703, authorized by Disney, not only provides you with a classic Mickey Mouse image, but also presents a creative design for the flash drive. After removing Mickey’s ear, you can easily save your files to the flash drive. In addition to being a useful office tool, its unique mirror design can help you check your appearance anytime your want. It can also be used as a mini photo frame. Let Mickey Mouse’s lovely smile accompany you around the marvelous digital world!

Three dazzling color options are available. With its gorgeous and simple Mickey Mouse shape, the A-DATA Theme Series T703 Mickey Flash Drive is perfect fulfilling your desire to keep Mickey Mouse with you all the time.

Save whatever is interesting!
With a capacity of 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB, the flash drive will save all of your wonderful moments.
100% Mickey Mouse figure plus 100% happy spirit
The mini Mickey Mouse shape makes it so adorable that you are going to love it very much.
Let wonderful photos enrich your life
Put your favorite photo into the photo frame so that it can accompany you all the time.
Anywhere and anytime, show off the best of you
It can also be used as a mirror so that you can easily “powder your nose”

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