Mar 8, 2008

Good news for your ears. And your safety.

Finally earphones which are easy on your hearing.

No comparison to conventional earphones. TOPlay® is twice as safe: Attached to the ear lobe by a magnetic clip, the TOPlay® goes easy on your hearing. Nothing is inserted into the auditory canal and the audio pressure is reduced 30 fold. And you can hear important environmental sounds: Announcements at the airport and railway station, warning signals on the road, ... and you can talk even while you’re listening to music.
And just like In-Ear-phones, fellow travellers are not inconvenienced. Perfect when driving a car or riding a bike, in the train or on an airplane.
Perfect fit. Comfortable to wear.
You will hardly feel the 8g (0,3 oz) light metal clip even if you wear it for longer periods. It stays on tightly without pinching (yet fits too loosely to jog with). The volume of your stereo earphones is easily adjusted with the control dial on the cable.
Gold medal winner at the Geneva Inventions fair 2007.
120cm (3ft9") cable with 3.5mm jack connector. Magnetic clip encased in non-allergenic silica gel. Frequency range 20-20.000 Hz.

Traditional earphones (right) directly blast the sound into the ear drum – posing a threat to your health. With the OGS (Open Guide Sound, left) the sound flows around the ear drum and lets the ear breathe.
Nearly 10 million US-Americans suffer hearing problems as a result of lound noise.
Many experts warn about using audio equipment for too long and at levels which are too loud. This also includes the American ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association).

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