Mar 15, 2008

SymSMB 3.10 for UIQ 3.x

SymSMB from Telexy Networks is the only application available today for hi-speed wireless file sharing between UIQ 3 mobile phones and computers with industry standard secure network communications. Share, browse, access, transfer, organize, rename, copy or move any files and folders between mobile phone and computer. Backup and restore your important data. Copy-paste or Drag-and-drop files and even complete folders with sub-folders from your Desktop or Explorer directly to your phone and vice versa. You can use any favorite file browser on computer for this. SymSMB can replace many tools known from other systems like e.g. Samba, SmbMount, GnuBox, FileXchange, Total Commander, SYMBFS or SSH, FTP, SMB and CIFS and provide real wireless networking. The program isn't cheap, but you can take advantage of our current promotion and buy it 20% cheaper.

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