Mar 9, 2008

Ryan Fitzgerald fixed life by having strangers call him

Nearly a year ago one Ryan Fitzgerald posted a Youtube Video asking people to call him asking for advice. He wouldn't judge, just listen. It was a nice little idea, but the 20-year-old didn't have a job at the time and in this post we got on his ass that maybe he should be more focused on pulling his own life together and less worried about helping complete strangers.

Anyway, in this follow up video it appears Fitzgerald has accomplished both. He, and his apparent twin brother have taken 300,000 phone calls, up from the 5,000 from the last time we checked in but more importantly, Ryan finally appears to have a job.

According to his Myspace page he currently is working at WTAG 580AM, on "The Jordan Levy Show", a showcase for the former mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts. His Myspace page also claims Ryan is pulling in a salary of $250,000 a year or more which is quite a step up from broke.

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