Mar 5, 2008

Playing with the iPhone's accelerometer

Yesterday, we saw what Medallia was doing with touchscreens a few months ago, and today, we've got hot off the press news about what they're up to with the iPhone's accelerometer. Erling has found a way to pull the raw data off of the iPhone's LIS302DL, a 3-axis accelerometer that's currently used for noting when you're looking at Safari vertically or horizontally. A few hackers, like the folks behind Tilt, have been able to catch the iPhone noting the change itself, but this is the first time, I believe, that we're seeing live data come right off of the unit at a high sampling rate, enabling Erling to pull off the magic seen above.

And the best part: source code is up on the site. iPhone programmers, start your engines-- we've got a whole new interface to work with.

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