Mar 5, 2008

iPhone Ringtones On The Cheap

The Steve may want you to cough up $2 for an iTunes track + ringtone but TUAW is watching out for your wallet. You already own the song. Use it the way you want. Here's a quick round-up of the ways you can save money on ringtones:

  1. SendSong: This utility lets you pick any song from your iTunes library and use it as a ringtone. Do not use iTMS-purchased tracks as ringtones.
  2. Windows Ringtones: Use iBrickr (free) or iPhoneRingtoneMaker ($10). You pick the song, they install them.
  3. Mac Ringtones: On the Mac, grab a copy of iFuntastic (free, but a wee bit unstable) or iToner ($15). These too turn your audio into free ringtones.

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