Mar 8, 2008

LG fashion phones KF310 and KF240 get specs, live pics

We sniffed out news that LG would be unveiling a new set of fashion phones at CeBIT 2008, dubbed with the KF model prefix. The KF750, KF240, KF310 are living breathing phones, they just didn't meet the CeBIT calling. LG is supposedly holding out until CTIA.

The good news is that despite the delay, we've managed to get our hands on some live pics of the KF310 and KF240, along with some early spec info. The two devices are undeniably similar, with the only visible difference being a tweaked navigational button here or there. Both devices feature dimensions of 97×48x17 mm, weighing in at 102g. Both feature similar 176×220 displays, Bluetooth 2.0, MP3 players and microSD memory cards. The difference lies in the camera, with one of the devices offering a 1.3 MP sensor and the other at 2 MP. Perhaps there are some networking differences too. We really don't know yet.

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