Mar 10, 2010

Download Free Music Composer For Windows Mobile

Mixtikl is not among the beautifully designed applications but if you are into music making and love to make your own compositions, then Mixtikl might appeal to you. It’s basically a music mixing application which lets you mix upto 12 audio tracks at the same time. Since there are commonly 12 keys on a keypad, therefore the maximum number of audio tracks have been limited by them, each key dedicated to controlling specific audio track.

As if know the application is only available for the windows mobile users but its iphone counterpart is on its way. One of the limitations was that you cannot transfer the unfinished projects to your computer or mac but with the latest plugins of this application, the same can be done with ease and you can continue the unfinished business through your desktop also. This turns out to be a really convenient option.

The earlier hot favourite used to be MiniMixa is now being replaced by Mixtikl as it is evolved from the roots of MiniMixa. The application however is not free but you can use the trail version for free for 30 days and it would perform just like a full version would do. But after 30 days you will not be able to save what you create but you will still be able to use Mixtikl.

Features of Mixtikl:

It includes integrated Noatikl generative music engine.

You will get access to 12 tracks with independent volume, pan, fx & solo/mute.

It is available for Mobile phone / cellphone / smartphone; Pocket PC / PDA.

You can easily transfer your mixes between mobile and PC and back again.

Download Mixtikl

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