May 15, 2009

PhotoFix - Free Photo Editing Application For Nokia Phone

PhotoFix is another Symbian mobile phone application which provides you with the ability of photo manipulation in the sense that you can resize and select the picture quality. Consequently you can easily end up reducing the size of a 500K image to near 70K image without even compromising the clarity to a great extent.According to me the application is intended to target the mobile bloggers or rather photo bloggers. Since the images click by the mobile phone are generally of high resolution and clicked at high picture clarity but the same images are uploaded by them to their blogs which costs them a monstrous GPRS traffic usage bill. The pay as you go GPRS plan will certainly prove very costly if you start uploading 500K pics from your mobile phone.Although, the Symbian mobile phones have inbuilt gallery but there is no feature to crop or resize your images. The solution is PhotoFix, once installed you will get access to a wizard interface which will ease out your work of resizing the images. To begin the process, you need to select the images which you want to manipulate but the glitch here is that you can only select the images by name and not from thumbnail display. Then you need to select the resolution into which you want to transform you image. Once selected you need to select the picture clarity which is personal choice. For me I set it around 70% to faithfully reproduce the image without much of significant losses.To wind up the process, there is a final option of rotating the images which is very useful if you often shoot in portrait orientation. However it was quite evident that the application is RAM hungry and will consume almost the last bit of RAM. So if you have a low RAM Symbian phone, you may have to quite some applications or even restart your mobile phone.Download PhotoFix

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