Mar 22, 2009

Upcoming iPhone 3.0 New Features & Preview

The iPhone event just ended, and the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software update adds lots of new Feature in upcoming iPhone. Apple announced over 100 new features for the iPhone 3.0 software. Most importantly, these new features included three of the big ones that people have been waiting for: Copy and paste, MMS and search.

Here are some of the new and Upcoming Features of iPhone:-
  • Copy and Paste:- Now You can also copy and paste photos. Now you will be able to select multiple photos by tapping the action button, copy some of them, and paste them in an email, ready to send.
  • Peer to Peer:- Apple said. That will enable the discovery service, used to allow gamers to participate in multiplayer titles for example, to work without disconnecting from WiFi internet, without needing any configuration, and without requiring mobile network access.
  • Landscape keyboard:- Apple has added the landscape keyboard mode to other applications, like Mail, SMS, and Notes.
  • Push Notification:- A feature that allows developers to send push notifications of updates without the cost of running the app in the background.
  • Search in Mail, Calendar, and iPod :- These Apple applications have specific search interfaces. The search in Mail doesn’t support the message content yet, but it supports searching in IMAP servers—that will save a lot of time logging into Gmail.
  • MMS Messaging:- MMS is better known to some as picture/video messaging. While you will now be able to send picture messages, video is still a no-go, as it seems that Apple still isn’t providing a way to use the iPhone’s camera to encode video in the new SDK. But along with pictures, you will also be able to send contact information, audio and location data. The latter could be very useful for some of the location-based apps.
  • Spotlight Search:- Spotlight is the name of the searching utility in the Mac OS X operating system, and now it works on the iPhone as well to search across your device. You can search for things in mail (including mail on a server), search for things in notes, search for music and finally you can search for application — something which those of us with the maximum 148 applications on our iPhones will be very grateful for.
  • Shake to shuffle music:- If you are in your iPod application, you just need to shake it to start the shuffling mode. Hopefully this will be optional for sports people out there.
  • Others:-
    Stocks: You can now get news headlines about certain stocks within the Stocks app.Stereo Bluetooth: Perhaps one day we’ll see the little white ear buds go wireless, after all.

    Notes sync: Thank God. It was just silly that you couldn’t do this previously, now taking notes on the iPhone will actually be useful.

    YouTube accounts: You will now finally be able to sign in to your YouTube account in the app, which will allow you to save and rate videos.

The new software will be free for existing iPhone owners and $9.95 for iPod touch users. Even owners of the original iPhone will be able to get the new 3.0 software, but two of the features: MMS and AD2P will not work on that device.

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