Dec 8, 2008

Mobile Phones with a projector and 20 megapixel camera from Sony ericsson 2012

According to Ericsson, in a couple of years we will be walking around with mobile phones with a display of a resolution of 1024 x 768 and 20 megapixel camera. Bring it on!

Well, at least this is what the R&D department of the Swedish Ericsson is stating. And that's about it. In 2012 we can also expect the processor speeds to have reached the 1 GHz and that the videocamera can make recordings in Full HD resolution. The use of internet will be so quick that it will be equal with a full broad band.

Energy sparing processors
The processor producers, like Intel and AMD are currently busy working on energy sparing and powerful processors for the use in for example mobile devices. The Intel Atom processor is a good example. This processor has a spead of between the 800 MHz and maximal 1.6 GHz. 1GHz isn't that weird after all.

High resolution cameras
According Ericsson the camera resolutions will also be climing to between the 12 and 20 megapixel. It was Samsung that introduced a 10 megapixel cameraphone with the SCH B600 in 2006. 8 Megapixel is quite the standard at the moment, but the B600 was slightly thinner than the current 8 megapixel phones.

But Sony is making it clear that we do can expect higher resolution phones. The Japans succeeded in developing a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor; the Exmor IMX060PQ.

The sensor above is going to be produced in the beginning of 2009, so maybe we can introduce the first 12+ megapixel phone during the MWC in Barcelona, the worlds largest telecom event. So does it sound that strange that we will introduce the first 20 megapixel camera in 2012?

Well, we have to have something to dream about, right?

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