Oct 10, 2008

TIPS /TRICKS / HACKS for free Tata indicom mobile internet

Tata indicom provides its users cdma network based internet services. To use this service you only need to plug in your Tata indicom phone with your pc or laptop and enjoy the fun of very high speed internet.tata indicom provides it users with the following benefits.
1. The basic requirement that a user looks for is the speed of the internet connection and Tata indicom provides really high speed internet.
2. Whats good is that you also don’t need to buy an external modem as the phone already has a built in modem.
3. You also don’t need to buy any other internet package from Tata indicom, it all bills in the same user number you already have.
4. When you are connected to the internet through the phone then also you can receive and answer phone calls if and only if there is no data transfer going on.
Tata indicom offers different data access packages for post paid and pre paid users. For pre paid users the pulse rate is 1mb and the cost of each mb is Rs.2. for the postpaid users tata offers 3 plans to choose from, information about them you can find from the following link http://www.tataindicom.com/t-personal-internet-internetmobile.aspx#
Settings for internet
Username: internet, Password: internet, Phone: #777 or 172226
But before using these settings you should ensure that you have plugged in your phone carefully and that you have installed the modem driver of the phone completely. You also need to create a new internet connection with the settings specified above. Leave a comment about the post and help us server you better

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