Oct 5, 2008

7 upcoming Samsung phones spotted on FCC

Samsung has pushed seven new cell phones through the FCC recently, and hopefully we'll see them officially announced very soon. All of the recently approved cell phones sport built-in Bluetooth connectivity - it's nice to see that becoming a standard part of most all cell phones.

The Samsung i770 packs EDGE support for data, as well as WiFi for even quicker data transfers. An FM transmitter is also listed in the filing for this one, which you can check out here.

The Samsung S3030 seems to be somewhat of an entry-level cell phone, with only GPRS for data transfers. The filing does not reveal any other features for the S3030, though it does include Bluetooth. The full FCC filing for theSamsung S3030 is here.

Both the Samsung SGH-A777 and SGH-A867 feature EDGE support as well as dual-band UMTS (850/1900MHz). This would indicate that these cell phones should be available for AT&T's high-speed network when they are officially announced. You can view the FCC filing for the SGH-A777 here and the SGH-A867 here.

Samsung also has a pair of CDMA cell phones coming, which could show up on Sprint or Verizon very soon. The SPH-A310 and SCH-R310 appear to be similar handsets, both featuring CDMA support in addition to built-in Bluetooth. You can check out the SPH-A310's FCC paperwork here, while the SCH-R310's documents are available here.

Finally we have the SGH-T459, which offers EDGE for data, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity. You can check out the FCC documents for this cell phone here.


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