Sep 10, 2008

Voice recognition app for iPhone 3G

There aren’t many applications that exploit the voice features on the Apple iPhone yet, but this will certainly change in the future.
Right now, a company called Dial Directions is set on being one of the first ones to offer an iPhone app that uses the iPhone’s voice feature to bring users convenience.

Dial Directions has apparently submitted an iPhone app called Say Where for approval to Apple, which if approved, would be available as a free download.
And what exactly does Say Where do? It goes like this. You fire up Say Where from your iPhone’s standby screen, say something, like an address or business name that you’re looking for, and choose what corresponding program you want to use it with — Yelp for customer reviews, directions, etc.
For now, Dial Directions has only partnered up with a few other iPhone-related services, which are MapQuest, Yellow Pages,, Yelp, and But hopefully more services hop on along the way, since this looks like a very useful feature in the making.
Once again we have another useful iPhone app. It’s just too bad nobody has taken care of that copy-paste situation, though.

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