Sep 13, 2008

Motorola's upcomming MOTO RAZR3 Vxx "Ruby" specification leaked

There’s an interesting rumor floating around various mobile message boards. And, judging from the past performace of the posters, they are likely to be true.

It seems that in addition to their multimedia flagship Alexander/ZN12, Motorola is also working on the next successor to their RAZR series, codenamed “Ruby”.

It will be called… you guessed right - Motorola RAZR 3 Vxx (not sure what numbers will be for the x’ses).

MotoRAZR 3 design will include metallic body and overall size somewhat smaller then current RAZR 2 V9. The front screen will have 6 customizable touch hotspots for quick application access.

Motorola RAZR3 specsheet should include:

3G HSDPA connectivity
5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash
Built-in GPS
And, here’s the interesting part.

Motorola RAZR3 will be based on Symbian UIQ 3.3 platform, with strong customization by Motorola.

The current software customization for Motorola “Ruby” is still pretty buggy, but it should be improved soon. After that “Ruby” software baseline will be used to produce several additional phones in clamshell, candybar and slider form factors.

The next Moto RAZR3 is expected in Q12009.

Well, that’s about it for now. And we will keep you posted when we hear more.

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